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Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board (LCETB)
A new era, A new beginning

After 83 years of service to communities across Ireland the 33 remaining VECs finally ended their long journey on July 1st 2013 when they ceased to exist and were replaced by 16 Education and Training Boards (ETBs.) In this area, the three VECs, City of Limerick VEC, County Limerick VEC and Co Clare VEC were amalgamated to form the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board (LCETB). The establishment of LCETB represents an exciting development in the delivery of educational services in the region. We are committed to continuing to provide an excellent and efficient service to all our customers.

What is LCETB?

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LCETB is a statutory authority which has responsibility for education and training, youth work and a range of other statutory functions. LCETB manages and operate second level schools, further education colleges , and a range of adult and further education centres delivering education and training programmes.

LCETB promotes the principles of equality and integration for all staff and students regardless of gender, religion, socio-economic background or sexual orientation.

LCETB incorporates into its employment and teaching and learning practices, policies and programmes in relation to anti-bullying including anti homophobic bullying. 

The general functions of an Education and Training Board, stated under the Education and Training Boards Act 2013, are to;

a) establish and maintain recognised schools, centres for education and training or training facilities in its functional area.

b) when directed to do so by the Minister:

i. establish and maintain recognised schools in its functional area,
ii. establish and maintain centres for education in its functional area,
iii. maintain centres for education or recognised schools in its functional area, and
iv. establish, maintain or resource education and training facilities in its functional area,

c) plan, provide, coordinate and review the provision of education and training, including education and training for the purpose of employment, and services ancillary thereto in its functional area in:

i. recognised schools or centres for education maintained by it,
ii. education or training facilities maintained or resourced by it,
iii. children detention schools,
iv. prisons, and
v. facilities maintained by other public service bodies,

d) enter into arrangements with, and provide support services to, education or training providers,

e) establish scholarships,

f) adopt a strategy statement,

g) adopt an annual service plan,

h) cooperate with anybody nominated to carry out internal audit functions,

i) provide education and training at the request of, and on behalf of, anybody which funds training out of money provided to that body by the Oireachtas,

j) support the provision, coordination, administration and assessment of youth work services in its functional area and provide such information as may be requested by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in relation to such support, and

k) assess whether the manner in which it performs its functions is economical, efficient and effective.

LCETB is active in local communities through the provision of training and education programmes delivered in training centres, colleges and other training and educational settings. In this way, LCETB seeks to make a real difference to the lives of the people they serve.

Such responsiveness continues to be the hallmark of the education and training boards sector, looking outward nationally and internationally, while servicing education and training locally and individually.


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