The Youthreach Programme, which is directed at early school leavers aged 15 to 20 years, is an integral part of the national programme of second-chance education and training in Ireland. The programme operates on a full-time basis, providing participants with opportunities to identify and pursue viable options within adult life. It also gives them the chance to acquire recognised certification in a wide range of subject and skill areas.

The Youthreach Programme was established in 1989. There are eleven Youthreach Centres with a total allocation of 275 places within the LCETB scheme. Youthreach has a continuous intake policy. It provides young people with a flexible and dynamic programme of integrated general education, vocational training and work experience. Learners set personal and educational goals that increase their self-esteem, skill and knowledge base and employability. Key elements of the programme include Personal and Social Development, Communication Skills, ICT Skills and Vocational Skills.

For more information see our Youthreach FAQ page . There is also more information available at the national Youthreach website.