LCETB Youthreach Case Study

When Leaving Certificate students started back in September they were asked to write a reflection on their time in Youthreach so far along with their hopes for the future. It was a homework assignment. The following piece was written by Sherisse Brennan and was accompanied by a note from her grandmother included below.

My experience in Youthreach
Since I started in Youthreach three years ago, the teachers here have changed my life. They have been extraordinary.
yr case study I have learned that education is the key to success in life. Before that I was immature but now I really feel like a young adult. I’ve learned to respect others as well as myself because it doesn’t cost anything to be nice. I’ve got my Junior Cert done now and I did excellently. I’m proud of what I got. There’s one main reason I did so well and that is because the teachers find a way to get all the students involved in class. They make their subjects interesting. The teachers are the main heart of Youthreach and they make all the magic happen.
After I complete my Leaving Certificate I hope I can get into college and follow out my chosen career of singing professionally. If not I would like to do a college course in counselling because from my experience in life I think I would be a great help to others and could understand what situation a person would be in. While I am in college I would also like to have a good job to support myself. My grandmother has always helped and supported me so much over the years so when I’m old enough I’d like to be able to support myself. By doing this it will open many opportunities in life for me.
Life is difficult without education. I’m getting the best education here in Youthreach and after that by pursuing college I will follow my plan for my life. I have seen many people turning down good opportunities in life but that’s not going to be me. I don’t want to look back in years to come and regret things. By getting my leaving cert with Youthreach I can go and get my college education. It will help me in life; it will help me for my future, which is ever so bright.
Sherrisse Brennan (Youthreach Student)

Youthreach has shown Sherisse that yes it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. When you judge people you are also judging yourself. Also it’s ok to be wrong as long as you put your hand up and admit it. She has learned that respect is a two way thing and that her road to success started with one word in Youthreach: “Welcome”. That is what has made the difference, not just at school but outside as well.
Your stars shine on all your students.
Anne Brennan (Sherisse Brennan’s grandmother)