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Prompt Payment 2018

1st Qtr Prompt Payment 2018 2018_1ú_Ráithe_Tuairisceán_Úis_Íocaíochta

2nd Qtr Prompt Payment 2018
2018 2ú Ráithe Tuairisceán Úis Íocaíochta

Purchase Orders over €20,000 LCETB 2018

LCETB 2018 1st Qtr

LCETB 2018 2nd Qtr

Purchase Orders over €20,000 Training Centres 2018

LCETB Training Centre 2018 1st Qtr

LCETB Training Centre 2018 2nd Qtr

Annual Reports – (Irish and English language versions)

LCETB Annual Report 2017

LCETB Annual Report 2016

LCETB Annual Report 2015

LCETB Annual Report July 2013 – December 2014

Bord Oideachais agus Oiliuna Luimnigh agus an Chlair Tuarascail Bhliantuil 2017

Bord Oideachais agus Oiliuna Luimnigh agus an Chlair Tuarascail Bhliantuil 2016

Bord Oideachais agus Oiliuna Luimnigh agus an Chlair Tuarascail Bhliantuil 2015

Bord Oideachais agus Oiliuna Luimnigh agus an Chlair Tuarascail Bhliantuil 2013 agus 2014


Publication of LCETB Accounts

2014 Financial Statement

2015 Financial Statement

2016 Financial Statement

Strategy Statement 2017-2021
Strategy Statement 2017 – 2021


Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, as per the Education and Training Boards Act 2013,  has adopted a strategy statement in accordance with section 27 of the Act.

This statement can be viewed from the link below

LCETB Strategy Statement Web Version



Purchase Orders over €20,000 Training Centres 2017

LCETB_2017_Q4_Training_Centre Published Jan 18

LCETB_2017_Q3_Training_Centre Published Oct’17

LCETB_2017_Q2_Training_Centre Published July 2017

LCETB_2017_Q1_Training_Centre_Published April 2017


Purchase Orders over €20,000 2017

LCETB_2017_Q4 Published Jan 18

LCETB_2017_Q3 Published Oct’17

LCETB_2017_Q2 Published July 2017

LCETB_2017_Q1_Published April 2017


2017 LCETB Prompt Payment Return

2017_Q4_Payment_Int_Ret Published Jan 18

2017_Q3_Payment_Int_Ret Published Oct’17

2017_3ú_Ráithe_Tuairisceán_Úis_Íocaíochta Published Oct’17

2017_2nd Qtr_Payment_Int_Ret Published July 2017

2017_2u_Raithe_Tuairiscean_Uis_Iocaiochta Published July 2017



Purchase Orders over €20,000 Training Centres

LCETB_2016_Q4_Training_Centre Published January 2017

LCETB 2016 Q3 Training Centre Published October 2016

LCETB 2016 Q2 Training Centre Published July 2016

Purchase Orders over €20,000 for 2016

LCETB_2016_Q4 Published January 2017

LCETB_2016_Q3 Published October 2016

LCETB_2016_Q2 Published July 2016

LCETB_2016_Q1 Published April 2016

E2C Newsletters

 E2C Newsletter 1

E2C Newsletter 2

E2C Newsletter 3

E2C Newsletter 4

The European Association of Cities, Institutions and Second Chance Schools (E2C) is an international network organisation in the field of teaching or enabling young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market.

The main aims of the Association are to: organise exchange and transfer of experience between the cities and collective territorial bodies who have set up or participated in setting up a Second Chance School within the framework of the programme launched by the European Union; assist cities and collective bodies who wish to set up a Second Chance School; promote the European concept of Second Chance Schools in general.


2016 LCETB Prompt Payment Return



LCETB 3rd Q Prompt Payment Published October 2016

LCETB 2nd Q Prompt Payment Published July 2016

LCETB 1st Q Prompt Payment Published April 2016



LCETB Supplier Charter

LCETB Supplier Charter

Purchase Orders over €20,000 for 2015

LCETB_2015_Q1 Published April 2015

LCETB_2015_Q2 Published July 2015

LCETB_2015_Q3 Published October 2015

LCETB_2015_Q4 Published December 2015

Purchase Orders over €20,000 for 2014





ETBI BOM Handbook

ETBI BOM Handbook

Training Resource Video – Please download video from the ETBI Website (link attached)

Purchase Orders over €20,000 for 2013



Notice of Publication of Co Limerick VEC Accounts Period Ending 30/06/13

Notice of Publication of Co. limerick VEC Accounts Period Ending 30/06/13.  These accounts are now publicly available.


Freedom Of Information Application Form

Completed form to be submitted with Freedom of Information Application Requests.

Notice of publication of Co Limerick VEC Accounts Y/E 31/12/12

Notice of publication of Co Limerick VEC Accounts for Year Ending 31/12/12. These accounts are now publicly available.

2015 LCETB Prompt Payments Return





DES Apprenticeship Implementation Plan

The apprenticeship implementation plan published by the Department of Education and Skills in June 2014 follows from the review of Apprenticeship in Ireland report and sets out implementation actions in the development of a new apprenticeship system.

Solas FET Strategy 2014-2019

SOLAS strategy for the further education sector in Ireland for the 5 year period 2014 to 2019.