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LCETB staffmail provides a means of accessing your LCETB staff email account. This is the channel for email communication within LCETB and it is important that staff access and use their staffmail account on a regular basis. If you are having difficulties logging into your account then contact the IT Department in Marshal House on 061-442100 and we can reset your password for you if necessary. Instructions for accessing LCETB staffmail.



StaffCONNECT is a web application platform which provides and combines various functions like content management, document management , workflow and web content management. It provides a centralised portal where Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board staff can collaborate and access relevant resources, forms, policies and procedures.

You will be asked for a username and password to access the site. These are the same as for your LCETB email account. Your email address is your username. User guide for StaffCONNECT.

Please note that your computer should be running  Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11 as the browser otherwise you may experience difficulties using StaffCONNECT.

If you are having difficulties logging into the sites above (Webmail or StaffCONNECT)  you can contact the I.T. department in LCETB by emailing or by phoning 061-442100. If you are in a centre to which Formula Networks are providing Technical Support you can log a ticket on their helpdesk. Instructions for logging a ticket on Formula Networks Helpdesk.


Core_ESS_Portal (2)

Core Employee Portal can be accessed through any device with an internet connection such as smartphones, iPads, PCs, laptops, tablets etc. Its gives access to Payslips and Payslip History, P60s, tax cumulatives, payroll deductions and cumulatives, annual leave entitlements, bank account details etc. Instructions for logging into Core ESS Portal.
Please note that you should use internet explorer 9, 10 or 11 as your browser when logging into Core Employee Portal otherwise you may experience difficulties .

If looking to access payslips on a mobile phone then use the Core Mobile Portal for access. If using an iPhone with Safari you may need to adjust your privacy settings on the browser to allow the application to open.

If you are having difficulties accessing Core ESS Portal then please email or contact HR on 061-442100